Who We Are

The ICAC is an association of members of cotton producing, consuming and trading countries. The Committee was formed in 1939, and the Secretariat was established in 1946. The annual budget is US$1.8 million, of which about 85% comes from members assessments and 15% from the sale of subscriptions and participant fees at meetings and seminars. There are nine members of the Secretariat originating from eight countries; all work from one office in Washington, DC. Documents are published in English, French and Spanish, monthly summaries are available in Russian, and annual summaries are available in both Arabic and Russian.


To assist members in fostering a healthy world cotton economy. The role of the ICAC is to raise awareness, to provide information, and to serve as a catalyst for cooperative action on issues of International significance.

Officers of the Standing Committee

Mr. Ali Tahir




Ms. Maha Zakaria


First Vice Chair


Mr. Selman Kurt


Second Vice Chair


Mr. James Johnson


Chair, Subcommittee on Budget


Strategic Plan

At the meeting of the Steering Committee during the 76th Plenary Meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on 27 October 2017, it was agreed that a Strategy Committee be formed to have oversight of ICAC’s Strategic Review process and ensure that timelines and key objectives were being met. The objective of the Strategic Review was to enhance the comprehensiveness of the ICAC’s current statistical, technical, trade and policy streams of work. The Strategy Committee conducted the Strategic Review of the ICAC, leading to the creation of this Strategic Plan. 

Progress will be monitored annually against the Plan, although the ultimate success of the Strategic Plan can only be judged by at term end, in 2021.