Dr. Greg A. Constable

CSIRO, Australia

Dr. Greg A. Constable-ICAC Researcher of the Year 2015

Dr. Greg Constable holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and a Masters of Agricultural Science from the University of Sydney, and a PhD from the Australian National University, Canberra. He is an agronomist, crop physiologist and plant breeder, allowing him to make significant contributions to the development of scientifically based farming approaches. He has added value to the biotech cotton varieties being developed in his program through the development of novel breeding strategies for increased yield and water use efficiency.

Dr. Constables career has focused on the application of agricultural science in the field. His detailed field growth analysis provided the fundamental understanding of agronomic responses. He has conducted pioneering work in basic physiology and agronomy, with innovative research into farming systems and eventually the development and application of new transgenic traits into the modern cotton cropping system. This research has been done from within the agricultural production zone and has involved a large amount of extension and research promotion as well as science. He is recognised internationally for his research. In leadership roles he is heavily involved in research organisation, education and technology transfer. He is the current chair of the International Cotton Researchers Association and remains passionate about generating a secure and strong cotton research fraternity in Australia and internationally.