World Cotton Research Conference, WCRC–3

09 March 2003 - 13 March 2003 , Cape Town, South Africa

"Cotton Production for the New Millennium"


Organising Committee


Dr Terry P Townsend (Chairman), Executive Director, International Cotton Advisory Committee
Dr Jean-Philippe Deguine, Deputy Director, CIRAD-CA, France Peter Griffee, Plant Production and Protection Division, FAO, Italy
Dr Francisco Davila-Ricciardi, President, CONALGODON, Columbia
Dr Andrew Jordan, Technical Director, National Cotton Council of America, USA
Dr Joe CB Kablssa, General Manager, Tanzanian Cotton Lint and Seed Board, Tanzania
Dr Abdusattor Abdukarimov, Director General, Institute of Genetics & Plant Exp. Biology, Uzbekistan
Mr Ralph Schulze (Chairman WCRC-1), Executive Director, Cotton Research & Development, Corporation, Australia
Dr Kiratso Kosmldou-Dlmltropoulou (Chairman WCRC-2), Director, Hellenic Cotton Board, Greece
Dr Deon Joubert (Chairman WCRC-3), Director, ARC Institute for Industrial Crops, South Africa


Dr Deon Joubert, Director ARC Institute for Industrial Crops (Chairman)
Ms Jeannie van Biljon, Snr Researcher, ARC Institute for Industrial Crops (Secretary)
Mr Hennie Bruwer, CEO Cotton SA
Mr Hein Schroder, Quality Control Cotton SA
Mr Chris Nolte, Clark Cotton

Scientific Committee

Prof Lawrence Hunter, Divisional Fellow and Leader: Scientific and Technical Excellence, Division of Manufacturing and Materials Technology of the CSIR and Professor Extraordinary and Head of the post-graduate Department of Textile Science, University of Port Elizabeth
Prof Sakkie Pretorius, Professor and chairperson - Department of Plant Sciences, University of the Free State
Ms Annette Swanepoel, Senior researcher - ARC-Institute for Industrial Crops
Dr Martie Botha, Senior researcher - ARC-Institute for Industrial Crops
Dr Frans Weitz, Plant systematist - Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, University of Western Cape
Dr Deon Joubert, Director - ARC-Institute for Industrial Crops
Dr Chris Steenkamp, Consultant
Dr Sarel Broodryk, IPM Advisor
Prof Maryke Labuschagne, Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, University of the Free State
Dr Graham Thompson, Assistant Director, ARC-Vegetable and Ornamental Plants Institute
Mr Jean-Luc Hofs, Researcher - Department of Plant Production and Soil Science, University of Pretoria
Prof Charles Reinhardt, Professor and Head of the Department - Plant Production and Soil Science, University of Pretoria



1.1 General

1.2 Disease resistance

1.3 Molecular markers

1.4 Transgenics

2.1 General

2.2 Cultivation practices

2.3 Nutrition

2.4 Drought tolerance

2.5 Organic cotton production

2.6 Weed science

      • Screening of cotton lines as trap crops for the induction of abortive germination of Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth in Nigeria
        S.O. Alabi, C.J.Botanga, S.T.O. Lagoke and I. Kureh
      • Herbicide resistance and species shift in cotton: The need for an Integrated Weed Management (IWM) approach
        G.W. Charles and I.N. Taylor
      • Cutting-edge? weed science WEEDpak: A weed identification and management guide for the Australian cotton industry
        S.B. Johnson, G.W. Charles, L. MacKinnon, G.N. Roberts and I.N. Taylor
      • Reducing residual pre-emergent or pre-plant herbicide use in cotton through the development of weed thresholds
        Ian Taylor, Graham Charles and Benita Inchbold
      • Yield impacts and extension activities associated with simulated herbicide drift on a commercial cotton field
        M. Hickman, A. Storrie, T. Cook and B. McCorkell

2.7 Modeling

      • Risk assessment in decision-making using the COTONS® model
        M. Cretenet, P. Martin and R.H. Mohtar
      • Advancements in computerized decision support for Australian cotton systems
        S.A. Deutscher and M.P. Bange
      • Data based model creation in cotton research
        J. Militky´
      • Cotton modeling: Advances and gaps in our ability to assess climate change, crop management, economic and environmental policy decisions
        V.R. Reddy, K.R. Reddy, K. Sailaja, A.G. Richardson, V.G.Kakani and D. Zhao
      • Plant population model versus average plant model in discrete process simulation: The case of cotton fruits abscission by COTONS® model
        M. Cretenet, P. Martin, E. Jallas, R. Sequeira and J. Jean

3.1 Integrated pest management

      • Assessing the feasibility for cotton production in tropical Australia: Systems for Helicoverpa spp. management
        A.J. Annells and G.R. Strickland
      • Integrated pest management as part of a cleaner textile production strategy for cotton in South Africa
        S.W. Broodryk, K. Lundbo and A. Bennett
      • New vistas in IRM based cotton IPM in India
        K.R. Kranthi, S.K. Banerjee, Sheo Raj, C.D. Mayee and D.A. Russell
      • Current approaches for management of cotton pests and diseases in India
        C.D. Mayee
      • Development of IPM in cotton in Australia: Establishment and utilization of natural enemies and integration with biological and synthetic insecticides
        R.K. Mensah and A. Singleton
      • Realities of educating resource poor farmers: Experiences in IPM implementation
        Peter A.C. Ooi
      • Integrated pest management with genetically modified cotton hybrids in India
        S.B. Patil, S.S. Udikeri and B.M. Khadi
      • Gaining confidence in farmer-participatory integrated pest management in Uganda: NARO?s experience in improving uptake of crop protection technologies for cotton
        M.B. Sekamatte, L.K. Serunjongi and A.H. El-Heneidy
      • Assessing the feasibility for cotton in tropical Australia: Research for the development of sustainable pest management systems
        G.R. Strickland, A.J Annells and A.L. Ward
      • The role of synthetic pheromone, endosulfan and other techniques for the prevention of carry-over in the integrated management of pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders), (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in South India
        V.T. Sundaramurthy
      • Cotton IPM - Research success and field disappointment: Why are implementation projects not succeeding?
        A.J. Treen and H. Burgstaller
      • Implementing IPM in Australian cotton
        L.J. Wilson, R.K. Mensah and G.P. Fitt
      • An IPM system for summer irrigated cotton in South India
        S.V. Krishnamoorthy, S. Subramanian, A. Ramalingam and N. Sivasamy