ITC, ICAC Are Lending a Hand in Zambia

The Cotton Board of Zambia has been working with ICAC ICAC Executive Director Kai Hughes, Chief Scientist Dr Keshav Kranthi and Project Coordinator Dr Sandhya Kranthi to implement the ICAC's 'Four Simple Steps to Sustainable Cotton' programme.
ICAC is partnering with ITC in an effort to increase and even double yields in Zambia, following the 4 simple step methodology developed by ICAC. This initiative is being implemented within the framework of the Cotton Production and Handloom Development project.
The country's production has plummeted in recent years so, Zambia seeks to leverage the ICAC's experience and technologies — including virtual reality — to enable cotton farmers to double their yields in as little as two to three years, if they follow the training steps.properly.
There are 356 growers in the ICAC project; when their training is complete, they will help to spread their new knowledge to Zambia’s other 300,000+ cotton growers.
The initiative was featured on a Zambian news programme (the segment begins at 5:40).
This project is implemented by ITC and financed by the EU under the 'ACP Business-Friendly Programme'. Other components of the project target handloom development to diversify farm-level income as well as improving seed cotton marketing practices.
Congratulations to the Zambian government for its efforts to benefit the hundreds of thousands of citizens who rely on cotton for a living! 

Watch a video about the project here