New Edition of ICAC Recorder Offers Summaries of WCRC Presentations


Date Posted: 23 January 2023

New Edition of ICAC Recorder Offers Summaries of WCRC Presentations
If you are a cotton scientist who wasn’t fortunate enough to be able to attend the seventh World Cotton Research Conference (WCRC) in Egypt last year, the ICAC and International Cotton Research Association (ICRA) are giving you the next best thing: summaries of the presentations delivered and access to the full presentations themselves.

The most recent edition of the ICAC Recorder, a free publication released at the end of December 2022, contains summary notes from the 10 plenary presentations made during the conference, as well as key highlights from the 98 presentations delivered in concurrent sessions and the 10 poster presentations.

It also includes a tribute to the USDA’s Dr Jodi Scheffler, the 2022 ICAC Researcher of the Year – the first woman to win the esteemed award.

If you need to take an even deeper dive into the information, the research papers presented at the WCRC-7 are now available as full publications in pdf form as a ‘book of papers’ and as PowerPoint presentations on the ICRA website. You can find them here

WCRC-8 will be held in Uzbekistan in 2024, with representatives from the ICAC, ICRA and the Uzbekistan Organising Committee already making plans.

To access this free edition of the ICAC Recorder, please click here
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