ICAC Publishes the Highly Anticipated Cotton Data Book



Date Posted: 24 January 2023

If there’s something you need to know about cotton, chances are very good you’ll find what you’re looking for in the ICAC’s 2022 Cotton Data Book. At 949 information-packed pages, the publication is hundreds of pages bigger than last year’s publication.

The number of pages increased in the current version because of the following new additions:

  1. Graphs on seasonal crop evapotranspiration (Etc) based on Penman Monteith equation have been included, which will allow researchers to calculate water use efficiency for countries. 
  2. Graphs on country-wise cotton-textile trade (Imports and exports under HS Code 52) have been included. 
  3. Data and graphs on country-wise usage (volume and value) of Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides etc., have been included.
  4. Graphs on Degree Days and Rainfall have been presented in an enlarged format to include monthly data of 18 months up to November 2022.

‘There is so much new information to publish that the 2022 version of the Cotton Data Book is nearly twice the size of the prior year’s version’, said Dr Keshav Kranthi, ICAC Chief Scientist and author of the Cotton Data Book. ‘

Among the topics covered in the massive resource are:

  • Production and trade data for cotton producing and consuming countries,
  • Global distribution of pests, diseases and weeds,
  • Sowing and harvesting calendars,
  • Global distribution of Bt cotton varieties and hybrids,
  • Operational costs per hectare,
  • Crop-wise share of pesticides,
  • Cost per kg for fertilisers, weeding and ginning,
  • A 20-year overview of production costs per kg of lint and seed cotton, and much more.

The 2022 Cotton Data Book contains hundreds of tables, graphs and charts to help make the enormous amount of information easier to understand and analyse, Dr Kranthi pointed out.

The Table of Contents for the 2022 Cotton Data Book can be seen below, as can Dr Kranthi’s opening editorial. While the ICAC offers many publications at no cost to readers (see the list here), the incredible amount of work that goes into the Cotton Data Book requires a paid subscription, which is $500. The subscription includes a free update of the information, which will be released in mid-2023. To learn more about the 2022 Cotton Data Book or purchase a subscription, please click here.


2022 Cotton Data Book Table of Contents and Editorial