JOB OPENING: Agricultural Project Administrator


This position is an exciting opportunity for an agricultural Project administrator to work on a project that will last 30-32 months. The project is entitled ‘Adapting Innovations for Resilience to Climate Change for Smallholder Cotton Farmers in Africa (i4Ag-AIRCoA)’. i4Ag is a fund that promotes innovations in the agriculture and food sector, focusing on six key areas: mechanisation; digitalisation; renewable energy; research and extension; cooperation with the private sector; and agricultural policy.

This individual must:

1. Be based in Washington, DC,

2. Have at least three years of experience in an administrative position, and

3. Be fluent in French.

Compensation for this position is 2,000 euros per month. Applications will be accepted until 30 March 2023.


A project titled ‘Adapting Innovations for Resilience to Climate Change for Smallholder Cotton Farmers in Africa (i4Ag-AIRCoA)’ being implemented by The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) invites applications for a part-time contractual consultant position of Project Administrator, co-terminus (up to December 2025) for a project titled ‘Adapting Innovations for Resilience to Climate Change for Smallholder Cotton Farmers in Africa’. The project is carried out by ICAC and CIRAD on behalf of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH through the “Innovation for Agriculture” (i4Ag) Program, funded and commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Project Administrator consultant will work for 10-15 hours per week.



Essential qualifications: Bachelors degree?


· Fluent in English and French.

· Exceptional communications skills both spoken and written.?

· Knowledge of office management practices.

· Proficient with MS Office (essential) and Adobe InDesign (desired) to assemble publications.

Experience: Minimum three years of experience working in an administrative position.?

Job responsibilities:

· Report to the Program Lead Scientist, i4Ag cotton project.

The job requires the person to work from the ICAC Secretariat in Washington, DC.

Procurement of goods, materials and consumables:

· Oversee procurement processes: preparation of specifications for procurement of goods and consumables, solicit quotations, invoices, tenders, etc., scrutinise for compliance to GIZ guidelines and procedures and facilitate procurement and payments.

· Guide the project staff of partner institutions in procurement of goods, materials, and consumables as per GIZ procedures.

· Assist the accountants of partner institutions on the evidence required to pay farmers when conducting farmer field schools, pay per-diem or travel and accommodation expenses of participants of workshops/trainings/field trips, etc.

Maintain records/correspondence:

· Maintain records of all projects related invoices/quotations/tenders, etc., and other documents such as vouchers/bills and all transaction documents required for audit purposes.

· Maintain correspondence with project staff/partners under the guidance of the programme lead scientist.

· Maintain ledgers/records of laboratory equipment, goods, materials and consumables procured under the project, their location, maintenance, and usage.

· Maintain records on production, sales/distribution and usage of nano-biopesticides.

· Maintain records on farm inputs and financial transaction details related to ‘Farmer Field Schools’ conducted by farmers to farmers on the demo plots.

Managerial assistance

· Assist the Programme Lead Scientist in setting up meetings, workshops, and training programmes.

· Assist the ICAC project staff with their travel arrangements under the project.

· Coordinate the schedules of all meetings, workshops, and training programmes.

· Arrange translators and manage the translation of documents.

· Create a forum to obtain evidence of ‘farmer field schools’ and ‘knowledge enhancement’ before authorising payments of ‘cash for work’ to trainer lead-farmers.

· Obtain attendance sheets of all the project staff at ICAC.

· Obtain attendance sheets of the ‘trainee-entrepreneurs’ before authorising payments of stipend.

· Obtain receipts/bills and other authentic forms of evidence to authorize reimbursement of expenses to participants in workshops and training programmes.


To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume/CV to