World Cotton Day 2023: logo and media resources


What is World Cotton Day?

Held on 7 October of each year, World Cotton Day is a celebration of cotton and an opportunity to show its enduring positive impact. The global community is invited to join us in celebrating the world’s most important natural fibre! 

Why is World Cotton Day Important?

Because cotton is a natural fibre like no other. Here are just some reasons why.

  • It’s a poverty-alleviating crop in some of the least developed countries in the world, providing sustainable and decent employment to people across the globe.
  • It biodegrades quickly compared with synthetic alternatives, decreasing the amount of plastics entering our waterways and helping to keep our oceans clean.
  • It provides fibre but also food, for both humans and livestock.
  • As a crop that grows in arid climates, it thrives in places no other crop can.


The official theme of World Cotton Day is, 'Cotton for Good'. Because it is a global celebration, the logo is available in many languages — and we can create one for you in any language you might want! If you'd like the World Cotton Day logo in a language not listed below, please contact ICAC Director of Communications Mike McCue. After you click on the logo you want to download, right click and select 'Save Image As'.

Cotton for Good (English)

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This two-page document explains the basics of World Cotton Day: how it came about, who created it, why we celebrate, and more. 

Page 1

Page 2


The Official ICAC 2023 World Cotton Day video is the first one posted below, and it reveals why cotton needs our support not just on 7 October, but all year round. In the second video — part of the 'Get to Know the ICAC' video series — ICAC Communications Director Mike McCue explains the origins of World Cotton Day and why we celebrate the world's most important natural fibre on 7 October each year. In the third video, we explain why the permanent theme of World Cotton Day is 'Cotton for Good'.

The Official 2023 World Cotton Day Video

'What in the World Is World Cotton Day'

Why 'Cotton for Good'