ICAC Cotton Data Book





Knowledge is power. Data provides knowledge. This Data-book-2022 has almost all important facets of information on cotton production and the value chain. It builds on the format and structure presented in the Data-book-2021. This version focuses on many new aspects especially details on pesticides, weather and crop evapotranspiration. (ETc). There are trade graphs that show a full list of importing and exporting countries. A lot of information was sourced from our own web site of the ICAC, ITC Trade-map, FAO, USDA and countless number of Government web sites. The book also includes a few datasets that provide great insights into the use of pesticides across the world.

The 2022 edition has a few datasets such as on spacing, stalks-usage, tillage practices etc., that haven’t changed much over the data-book-2021. What has changed mostly is the data on area, production, productivity, water usage, fertilizer usage, pesticide usage and cost of cultivation. Though all the information pertains to 2021-22 season, a few data sets on pesticides and fertilizers were available only up to 2020.